Terms of Reference for Developing a Mobile Application for GGE Attendance Management


The objective of this TOR is to develop a QR Code attendance mobile application to collect data, keep the data secure, and accessible, and generate accurate and timely reporting.


The consultancy should submit the proposal with their own methodology for the development of mobile applications according to the features mentioned in the deliverables section.


  1. Developing a mobile-based QR Code application for attendance management. A premade design by a UI/UX designer will be shared.
  2. The application should be dynamic and updatable in future (open source).
  3. The mobile/tab-based application should have a dashboard on PC, where a super admin can access all data and be able to generate reports based on province and other criteria. The dashboard should show an analysis of the data in a statistically graphic format and export to PDF, word and excel format.
  4. The application should be able to sync data at a later time when there is no stable internet during capturing.
  5. The application should be cross-platform compatible which means it should be available to both Android and iPhones.
  6. There should be a proper backup system for the cloud-based data.
  7. Four years of Storage/hosting of unlimited space.
  8. Provide training with a demonstration of the functionality of the application to AREAi after final approval.
  9. Application data should be protected and have a high level of data security.
  10. The consultancy should clearly state the maintenance policy they provide for the application.


This assignment should be completed within 14-days of signing the contract.

Qualification and Criteria

View/Download the TOR below for more details.