Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative (AREAi) is a for-purpose grassroots initiative that works with and in under-resourced schools and marginalized communities, leveraging technology, innovation and collaboration to close learning gaps, tackle digital inequity, and ensure skills development for poor and vulnerable children and youth from low-income families.

Our Vision

To improve the access and quality of education available to poor and vulnerable children in rural communities across Africa

Our Mission

To organize, mobilize and channel human, material, physical and financial resources towards creating multiple, alternative and informal learning opportunities for marginalized populations to attain self reliance.

Our Goal

Our 10-year Goal is to educate and empower 1,000,000 children, youth and women by 2030.

We design and implement quality alternative and accelerated learning programs for children, youth and women, that are not in education, employment and training (NEET).

Built on the UNICEF’s Model of Quality Education which focuses on learners, learning environment, content, processes and outcomes, our unique and sustainable education innovation model in closing gaps in educational opportunity and ensuring educational equity is focused on three aspects of the education system development; building community learning centers using plastic bottles, operating an accelerated learning model and scaling an alternative cost-effective learner-centred teaching methodology. As beneficiaries of our programs and projects, marginalised children and youth can access higher education, acquire more advanced employment skills, new career paths, and increased workplace skills.

Our Thematic Focuses

We create and expand education, training and employment opportunities for our beneficiaries through effective programming aimed at ensuring the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge that enables them become productive and engaged members of the society.