UpSkillHer will directly empower 200,000 vulnerable women and adolescent girls to develop sustainable ventures and entrepreneurial skills that transform their communities from poverty-stricken to entrepreneur-vital.


50% of women beneficiaries gain access to business incubation support, microloans and seed capital based on their acquired competencies and skills.

80% of our beneficiaries are equipped to be able to establish and independently run small scale businesses.

20,000 women and girls are reached directly or indirectly through our Entrepreneurship and Training institute annually.

100% of trained women acquire marketable skills to make products that can be exchanged or sold for money and sustain their businesses.

UpSkillHer is a skills acquisition and entrepreneurial skills training program that seeks to promote productive employment, financial independence, sustainable income and economic empowerment for disadvantaged adolescent girls and vulnerable young women across rural communities. USH seeks to promote productive employment, financial independence, sustainable income and economic empowerment through technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training to disadvantaged adolescent girls and vulnerable young women in disadvantaged northern communities. The vision of the project is built on female economic empowerment, to create and deliver limitless development opportunities for women and girls through an array of technical, vocational, and business development skills which are tailored to attract local labour market opportunities and to overcome specific local constraints.


  1. To conduct vocational education and skills acquisition workshops that will improve income and economic opportunities for at least 20,000 disadvantaged young women every year.
  2. To build the capacity of adolescent girls and young women in the development of technical and vocational skills.
  3. To provide an entrepreneurship and training centre where women and girls can readily access information, tools and opportunities that foster the development of technical capacity, entrepreneurship, and business skills.
  4. To facilitate professional mentoring opportunities for empowered young women in support of the establishment of at least 500 small and medium scale enterprises.
  5. To provide linkages and access to economic opportunities such as job placements, prospective employers and clients, grant opportunities and credit schemes for all empowered and trained beneficiaries upon completion of the project.
  6. To initiate partnerships with specific private sector companies and initiative to patronize and offer practical internship and jobs opportunities.

UpSkillHer in Action

UpSkillHer Partners

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