Scaling ESD Action through Youth Mobilization: Educator from Crownfield Development Consult trains Students and Teachers.  

The acronym “ESD” which means Education for Sustainable Development has continually generated interests across fields and sectors with the much revered role of Education in achieving the Sustainability in the development context. It’s becoming increasingly evident that Sustainable Development comes through Quality Education, the form of education, either formal,non-formal or informal, that fosters creativity in young people, encourages and equips them to become creative thinkers and problem solvers in their immediate local communities by providing sustainable solutions to pressing challenges.

Having trained 30 youth educators and organizational heads in Lagos, Nigeria in March 2017, #AREAi is advancing the processes to scale ESD Action through Youth Mobilization which is a step further towards Achieving Peaceful and Sustainable Societies using Education.

One of the youth leaders, Tobi Olaitan of Crownfield Development Consult recently organized two successful step down events in the City of Abuja with each of the workshops attracting two diverging populations. The first had in attendance a total of 28 young people (18 females and 10 males) comprising of both the regular students and orphaned students (from the Hope for Survival Orphanage, Gishiri) of Melchizedek Academy, Gishiri, in the 7-16 age group while the other had in attendance 16 teachers from the LEA Primary School Gishiri.

Both events was hinged on teachings that revolves around what Sustainable Development means, The Sustainable Development Goals, What Education for Sustainable Development means, The Key Competencies for Sustainability, and one of the thematic areas under ESD (Sustainable Lifestyle).

If more young people can be presented with adequate SUSTAINABILITY awareness and empowerment resources, they would be able to drive the change that Sustainability Education brings for fostering the development of competent citizens who would be committed to sustainable societal progress, economic viability and environmental protection.

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