Providing access to Quality Education by boosting Literary rates and Learning outcomes;It began with Just A LIBRARY!

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”
The statement aptly captures our perfect reflections after a dutiful year as an organization.Our topmost priority for 2016 at AREAi was the Provision of A Library,classroom furnitures and office upholstery to a public secondary school in Apete Community of Oyo State ; Apete Ayegun Community School which serves three neighboring  communities.

With more than 5000 Educational materials such as dictionaries, textbooks,past questions and other stationaries coupled with infrastructural facilities provided to over 1000 students,a transformational shift has been witnessed in terms of improved learning outcomes, increased literary skills and a revamped learning environment which culminated into a 13% increase in the schools’  WASSCE performance in 2016 as against the 4% success rate recorded in 2015.

Despite the challenges of financial constraint and limited resources faced during the implementation of the intervention plan,this singular but significant accomplishment concretized our efforts towards availing quality education to students in underserved communities as it underlines how effective grassroot mobilization(online and offline), stakeholders engagement, multistakeholder approaches and corporate partnerships can be in delivering access to education matched with quality.

In achieving this feat,AREAi was supported and partnered by organizations such as MTN Foundation, International Commission on Financing Global Ecucation Opportunity, National Library Board of Nigeria, SDG Action Campaign Group,Teach for Nigeria,Parent~Teachers Association and countless individuals who believe in our transformational vision.

With the project at its last completion stage,it is a yardstick to further provide educational opportunities and empowerment channels for poor and vulnerable children in rural communities in order for them to live up to their  fullest potential and contribute actively to societal development and global transformation.

At AREAi,we are committed to understanding,analyzing and designing sustainable solutions to the geographical bais with our fragile educational system that has left millions of Nigerian children uneducated. Beyond access,Quality is our mandate and we are reshaping quality education, one community at a time.

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