The Centre for Life Long Learning and Skills Development operates as community-owned makerspaces situated within libraries in under-resourced schools in selected rural communities. This Centre uses unconventional yet productive approach to educate and empower young people in marginalized communities with vocation and life skills; providing them with opportunities to develop their academic and professional skills in order to enable them to become future leaders in their respective fields. Marginalised youth and children are trained on how to design innovative solutions to different societal, economic and environmental challenges in order to create sustainable systems or enterprises as ways of contributing to the nation’s socio-economic development. Designed to promote literacy, innovation, human capital development and technological advancements, the Centre comprises of five sections namely: Digital Library, Ideation/Innovation Hub, Coding Lab, Incubation Lab and Crafts Workshop.

Since inception, this program that encompasses the “Education for Sustainable Development” Forums has impacted over 4000 students via online/offline knowledge and capacity building sessions beyond the classroom. Through our accelerated learning program hosted as an initiative of the centre, we provide technical and infrastructural support to under-resourced schools and communities by providing school facilities such as libraries, educational supplies such as textbooks and laboratory glassware; conducting after-school learning classes, career mentoring sessions and skills acquisition programs; also conducting capacity building workshops to economically empower parents of out-of-school children to facilitate increased access and improved enrolment and retention rates in these rural schools. We also conduct early childhood literacy, numeracy and skills acquisition programs as well as programs to advance education for sustainable development in mainstream curricula.



WaSH~For~Education is a program designed in partnership with the Nigerian Youth Action for Water (NYAW) with an overarching goal of deploying the provision of safe water and clean sanitation facilities as a potent tool in developing healthy learning environments benefiting both learning and health. The program focuses on the provision of technical water facilities, hygiene education and sanitary support to help improve learning outcomes in rural/underserved schools, prevent water and sanitation-related diseases as well as promoting healthy behaviour in the future generations of adults.

With funding support from Coca Cola and the Youth Action for Sustainable Water and Environment (YASWE) Switzerland, Wash4Education has been implemented in 2 schools in Apete and Ayegun communities of Oyo State with the provision of toilet facilities and potable water source while providing learning resources for the health and menstrual hygiene of over 4,000 girls. We work with local, national and international organizations to set standards for water and sanitation systems, promoting good sanitation and hygiene to communities and schools to ensure lasting changes.



EduPower, coined from the words, Education and Empowerment, is a Girl’s Education program with the aim of grooming young and adolescent girls in marginalized areas into healthy, educated and employable citizens through capacity building and economic empowerment. Using a comprehensive sexuality education-focused program, we seek to train young girls on personal development, gender, health and sexuality as well as leadership and communication skills.

Through a 10 months program pronged on capacity building and economic empowerment, young adolescent girls will be afforded the opportunity to access a high-quality comprehensive sexuality education that prepares them to lead healthy and productive lives and contribute to their communities and countries.



The Teacher Leadership Program provides effective professional development opportunities for teachers serving in conflict-affected, under-resourced and underserved communities. Various form of teacher in-service training and support resources will be mobilised to ensure teachers can develop the pedagogical skills and leadership capacity to train and empower their students. This includes mentoring sessions with education specialists, international professional exchanges and field trips as well as training on the application of modern technologies towards improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Under this program with support from the National Library Board and Microsoft, we have recruited and trained over 65 volunteer teachers in 4 of our host schools and supported their work with the incorporation of digital teaching aids and online learning tools in a bid to augment teaching workforce in adopted understaffed schools.


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