It’s Time To Defend the Golden Tool: Education!!!

It’s Time To Defend the Golden Tool: Education!!!

Do you know there was a time in the history of A nation when the central refuse to work; Where our children are denied their fundamental rights, quality education now becomes SARDONIC, children littering our Streets doing nothing tangible rather than Hawking, some facing child neglects, child trafficking, teenage pregnancies now turns to our culture and some even abused knowingly or unknowingly to the Abuser; Where PARENTS takes no responsibilities of taking good care of their future(CHILDREN); A nation flowing with drivers of Knowledge and captain of industries where teacher always find insolents excuses and nonchalant attitudinal and paid lesser enthusiasm todevelop and train our children the Leaders and future of tomorrow; Where some group of young intellect believe Western education is forbidden probably because they were neglected and abused in their early years which has actually led them to deduced irrelevances in western education but terrorism and vandalisms which has intercept and pollute there are APEX MIND are now their CORE PROFESSIONS; Where our schools environs are now channels of injuries and grumpy zone (keep of zone); Where Notebooks, Textbooks, writing materials and library equipment now become FUEL and GOLD in our public schools; Where extra curricula activities gives the teacher clear opportunities to engage the children in HARD labour all in the name of Keeping the school CLEAN; Where basic amenities that belongs to our school s are now met for children that are born with Silver and Golden spoons only; Where Western education now Pray to stand firm less it fall because of the high rate of private schools operation in NIGERIA this is the sign for responsible parents anyway.

The Question now is should we stand to defend our right to free education? Or should we allow massive independent failure and examination malpractices that has become milk and honey in our citadel of learning that finally gave birth to our Miracle centers today continue? Should giant of Africa become the Giant of failure in all ramifications?

Education must not fall in Nigeria, so therefore it our collective responsibilities to enhance Literacy and Numeracy in NIGERIA.

Contributed by Alfred Ola-Akerele

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