ESDForum on the Move; Touched down in Apete Oyo State in its third Month


A new reality has dawned on the global educational system and we at Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative AREAi can sense the repercussions. It’s simply not enough to expand student enrollment but high quality learning must be promoted and ensured.

Globally,250 million children are attending school but are not acquiring the basic skills they need to reach their full potential, earn a decent livelihood and participate fully in national building.

Our Education for Sustainable Development(ESD) Forum was designed to change this narrative with teaching and learning in an interactive, learner-centred way that enables exploratory, action-oriented and transformative learning that permits the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to shape a sustainable future.

In its third month,we introduced ‘GCED Caraven’ which focused primarily on the power of Global Citizenship in inspiring learners to transform themselves and the society they live in for global relevance. Launched on March 30th,2016 at Apete Ayegun Community High School in Apete Community Oyo State,it was a worthwhile experience with over 80 students who were all mandated to highlight ONE pressing problem within their environment and how they will provide solutions to such. Divided into two focus groups to foster team work and core understanding of the issues at hand,different environmental,economic and societal challenges were touched with creative solutions devised by the students.

The Climate Change Session as facilitated by Oguntunde Philip Oluwatosin provided yet another another opportunity to reignite conversation around the responsibility towards environmental education and sanitation. The significance of afforestation was discussed as the students promised to plant a tree each during their upcoming Environmental Week. Other highlights of the forum was the introduction of our ‘GCED Anthem’ which was composed by a member of our International Advisory Board.

“All children need to be able to inquire deeply, think critically, communicate, and collaborate to solve challenging problems,” said Darling-Hammond. Fortunately, with the GCED Caraven,we are providing the basic practicable knowledge and creating learning environments that will permit our learners to become real problem solvers and creative thinkers capable of actively engaging the world,engineering innovative solutions from creative ideas to address local challenges thus helping to make the world a just and sustainable p









We are building an African continent, one community at a time,where every child will have access to quality education, regardless of their geographical location, age,gender or background.

Yes,We Can

Together We Achieve More.

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