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Roaring for Effective Collaboration towards actualization of the UN SDGoal Four on Quality Education

Hello friends, A keen evaluation of the successes recorded after the 1 Year anniversary of the SDGs adoption shows there’s need to accelerate our actions, concertize our global commitments and translate from “Online Awareness” to “Offline Implementation” of sustainable projects that are People-Centered and Planet-Sensitive. To achieve this,our collective efforts

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AREAi’s ESDForum shifts focus; begins breeding of young innovators for the SDGS

AREAi’s Education For Sustainable Development (ESD) Forum since inception has created open spaces among school children to discuss,share and understand contemporary issues surronding Sustainable Development using an unconventional approach beyond the coventional classroom learning. With this,we aspire that Education is channeled for the full development of humanly personality and capacity

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